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Spring tier tray decor

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These are individual spring home décor pieces you can use in tiered trays, shelves, coffee table trays, desks and more. There are no hangers on any of the pieces. The banners come with twine ready to hang. Each piece is made from 1/8" wood and most are layered, hand painted with acrylic paints. Most items are multi dimensional, layers or wood put together to give lots of depth.
We are loving the small home décor, so we will be adding more pieces. We have another listing of spring items. These are one of a kind, what you see is what you get. We only have one of each item. We don't plan on duplicating these, like color for color. We start painting and whatever color pops in our head, is what we use. The wood will have some distinct characteristics, which make these very unique. The same for the hand painting, no two pieces are alike or even similar.
These are not painted by machines, you might see imperfections, that is all part of handmade.

Yellow flowers tag - 6" x 4"  $7.00
Spring months banner - "14 x 3"  $7.00
Blue oh hello spring - 5.75" x 5.75"  $6.00
Life Life Full Bloom - 8" x 6"  $7.00

Check out our other listings and watch for more sets. We love to combine these pieces with items from the dollar store, they make inexpensive amazing home décor sets. You can fill your tiered trays, shelves, cabinets and more. Small single trays are adorable filled with these items, they can be used as a centerpiece, on a coffee table and bring a beautiful touch of spring to your home. Thanks for looking!