Aching Joints Essential Oil Roller



Aching Joints essential oil rollers

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Aching joints essential oil rollers are perfect for those times you have joint pain from chronic illness or situational. Apply this blend directly where it hurts. This formula is specifically formulated for joints. This is our own blend we created and have been selling and using for several years.  Aching Joints Essential Oil Rollers are another popular seller.

Essential oil rollers are the safe way to get the oil into your system.   Applying oils direct can cause many issues, especially if they are considered a “hot” oil.   The coconut oil blends the oils together and it provides a great way for the oil to get absorbed.  All of our rollers have stainless steel roller balls.   These are preferred over plastic.  Some oils will break down the plastic rollers.

Ingredients:  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Marjoram, Rosemary, Pain blend and Frankincense essential oils.

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