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Welcome to The Barry Patch

Offering hand created gifts for all ages and the home

We are selling on several venues at this time, but will be consolidating as much as we can.  See the list below and let us know how we can help!

We have products on our page here, but we encourage you to visit Gypsy Spoonful.  Gypsy Spoonful is a community of artist who create handmade items and have banded together to sell them in one community.

Check it out:

We are offering roller bottles, specialty essential oil products, custom blends and more on this site.   If you don't want to purchase an entire bottle from my site, we can create blended samples for you.  We are very excited about being able to offer these products to you.  It will save you from having to buy full bottles, also from having to purchase the roller bottles, carrier oils, etc...

**Etsy page at
New items are being added on Etsy frequently.  Our Etsy items are all handmade and include personalized and custom items.



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